November 28, 2009


Since I spend way too much time going through my closet finding new ways to wear things I already own or figuring out ways to incorporate new items into my wardrobe... I knew a Dress Form was a must.

Now when I decided to purchase one I knew I couldn't settle with one that looked as though it could take a fall once fully clothed, so this made my search quite extensive. While on a mission I came across Karla  from Fabulous Fit. She comes with an adjustable cast iron base, casters, and a fitting system that allows you to place foam pads where your curves are to imitate you own body shape. Now with that said you can understand why I was so intrigued with this particular Dress Form. You still order her in your size but you can fine tune her to be your dress double. Pure GENIUS!!

If you like to alter your clothes or create garments for clients you can adjust the Form to their measurements and your fittings are kept to a minimum.


HeatherClark said...

Ah this is SO helpful! I've been on an endless search for the perfect vintage dress form and I've only found ones that are half decayed but I like these fabulous fit ones.

I've been taking pictures of my jewelry on myself for my etsy shop but it would be so much better and faster if I had one of these. Thanks for sharing!