December 30, 2010

Winter Shopping

Tights: J Crew, Sweater Jacket and Belt: Ann Taylor, Bag: Coach

With Christmas over and my birthday just around the corner I've been thinking a lot about the pieces I already own in my closet. Maybe if my future purchases are more strategic rather than emotional impulsive then my wardrobe can further evolve into something that truly reflects my personality. I have to admit I do have a knack for picking out things that appease my inner grandma. { and I wouldn't have it any other way}

With that said I've been browsing online and I realized I have been searching for a few things in particular that my wardrobe can really use:

First on my list are textured tights and although I intend on adding colored ones in the future, I feel like the texture appeals to me more since I don't wear a lot of pattern. Second I have been obsessed with sweaters that can be used as jackets. Since moving to Florida many things have changed, but me wanting to wear a few layers that I can later remove if the weather gets warmer hasn't.

Then there's the skinny belt that can add that je ne sais quoi to an outfit and make it look put together and figured gray would be a good color to start with. Lastly I am searching for a gray/taupe bag that has a removable shoulder strap that I can be used dressed up or down.

What things are you looking for to add to your wardrobe?


kate funk said...

I am such an impulsive shopper. Recently I returned a light pink lace blazer that I initially LOVED and than realized I would NEVER wear. Planning what you will buy is a great tool! LOVE textured tights, great way to jazz up an outfit! I am a new follower of your blog! Loving it! Come visit me
velvet cupcakes

Amy said...

I usually buy without thinking of my whole wardrobe as well..

Its nice to see that your are looking for key pieces that will make up any outfit..

Josie said...

Love those textured J.Crew tights -- so cute!
xo Josie