January 27, 2010

Double Doors... So Far So Good

Regardless of where I'm living at the moment or have in the past... one thing is certain, the closets are very important to me. Although my closet is no where near the size of an apartment or spare bedroom for that matter, I cant help but be in awe with those that are. Maybe it's the organization of the space or the fact that there is enough clothing and shoes to fill it up completely... either way I fall in love everytime. I admire every single one of the closets above and even more I couldn't find images of... but I want mine to be different, I want mine to reflect me and my personality the same way these are reflecting their owners.

I think a spacious organized closet is key to any stylish person because it's where you decide what to wear for the day.. it helps you to express how your feeling at the moment and when everything you own is in clear sight that decision is not only quicker but less frustrating. The idea of having all of my clothing, shoes and accessories in an organized space with like things together makes me so happy.

I am constantly re-organizing my closet to make it easier for me to decipher what to wear each and everyday and although I'm sure there are more important things in life that I could be doing.. I feel when I'm organized there is a sense of calm that comes over me. lol

What are some of your favorite walk-in closets?

all images from instyle and instyle.com


pilcuis said...

Wish I could have one of those closets :) the bigger the best


Heather Taylor said...

Closets are a huge deal to me! I knew a girl in high school who had a bedroom and the opposite bedroom was her closet and was redesigned and filled with racks of clothing. Pretty amazing and brilliant! If I move to a place with a spare bedroom, I think I'd make it into a closet for myself!

Anonymous said...

It hasnt seemed to work out for me yet to have a spacious closet...a girl can dream though! I did a post about closets on my blog a week or 2 ago...so I have definitely been "dreaming:" about having more space for my purchases alot lately:)


XX Niki

style, substance & sutton said...

i would never live without a huge walk in... its a non-negotiable


Alex Dom said...

love kimora's!

LoliTa said...

ohh id love a walk in closet, it would be so good! you'd have to have the stuff to put in it though! fergie actually has a pretty cool one she designed herself i think


Erica said...

wowwwwww. jealous jealous jealous


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

my closet has double doors that open to a very small space!
i can't believe the room Christina Aguilera has...wow!
a closet is extremely important to all of us who love our shoes/purses/clothing!
xoxo alison

Josie said...

I would KILL for one of those closets -- at home I have a closet in my room and a separate shoe closet, which I love to death -- at school, I have to work with the tiny wardrobe. Not even necessary to say that I've added a massive shoe tree and several storage drawers :)
xxoo Josie

She's Dressing Up said...

I would LOVE a walk-in wardrobe! Sadly at the moment I don't even have an ordinary wardrobe and have to pile all my clothes up - its pretty depressing!

Walk The Sand said...

Full on jealously. I have a walk-in... but is teeny tiny in comparison to these.

Next flat I move into... I'm getting an extra bedroom!


Anonymous said...

so. shoes are my obsession, and these photos are killing me. i must go shoe shopping tomorrow.


miss_vogue said...

ugh i wanttttt!

dotie said...

I'm obsessed with walk in closets..I don't have any fave yet but i'd definitely want to see what olivia palermo or rachel zoe's closets are like :)

eclectic du jour

heart charlie said...

I agree, a girl's closet is a safe haven ;) I have a small closet, but it is looked after with intricate care and detail. I find that the cleaner and more organized I keep my closet, the easier it is to get dressed in the morning! Those huge closets in your post are beautiful and they brings tears of joy!

Kansas Couture said...

I totally agree about the importance of closets! I'm so bad at organizing my little space. I would love to have one of those huge closets. Great pictures.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Have you seen Mariah Carey's closet? Ohmigosh it is like heaven on earth! Next would have to be Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe - be still my heart. I think I would like to live in a closet; no bed is needed - just clothes. And shoes. And handbags. And accessories. :)

the Lovelist said...

i'm loving your blog =) and my new goal is to have a walk in closet

maverick diva said...

beautiful imagery!
and those shoe closets make me DIE!
ahhh soo jealoussss

love you blog! im following you now!

follow me :)

Elle said...

Oh man! One day I will have one of these closets... :)

amazing blog!



Marie said...

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts... I appreciate you all!

Marjorie said...

haha - love this post!
great blog miss :D
stop by some time xx

Lucy said...

These closets look amazing - I am always jealous of Carrie's walk in closet in Sex and the City the Movie. One can only dream.... ;)

SBG said...

Love these closets!!


Farah said...

That is a ridiculous amount of shoes, I love it!

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