January 26, 2011

Heart to Heart: Dad

 {a picture of my parents on their wedding day}

Last year was an interesting one because I almost lost my dad. My parents and I are extremely close and would love to have that kind of relationship with my children {when I have them}. I basically communicate with them on a daily basis.

Now my dad is in tip top shape, but he wants to help everyone and didn't know all his worrying was wearing him out internally. Would you believe we are so in tune with each other that I felt his chest pains throughout the day.. when his pain left, so did mine.

Growing up my dad would always sing to wake us up.. " sunshine in the morning makes me happy, sunshine in the morning makes me smile..." Every time the sun rises I can't help but think of him and thank God for giving us more time.


Josie said...

This is so sweet! Inspires me to give my dad a call tomorrow.
xo Josie

marialĪµ said...

It's so good that your dad is ok now... such a great story, thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

so sweet! dads are the best



Lindsay With An "A" said...

Just found your blog, and this post was the first post I read!! Amazing and inspiring! :) I love reading this type of post on blogs!!